<h2>Salary Range</h2>
<p>The salary range is specified by post name and other factors like company policy. For this post, the salary range is 7000-10000 BDT. </p>
<h2>(Company Name) (Post Name) Job Details</h2>
<p>For your help, we have divided the job circular in some of the criteria. The first section is decorated with company details and the last section is with the job details.</p>
<h2>Organization Details</h2>
<p>Here is the details overview of the hiring organization. We have collected it from the job circular and official website. Check the table below. </p>
এরপর একটা টেবিল দিয়েছি । দুই কলামের টেবিল । কলাম গুলার এক সাইডে হল 
Organization Name
Organization URL
Organization Address
Circular Published Date
Last Date of Application
<h2>Job Details</h2>
<p>Here are the job details of the (Company Name) Here we include the vacancy, salary range, job location, and other information. </p>
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